Monday, August 18, 2014

Thoughts on the keto challenge

I was on budget for 5 of the 7 days, and I think I've taken the first steps to prove to myself it's mostly doable for a person my size.  I require more protein than the average Joe, and a pound of raw chicken breast per day, along with a few eggs doesn't cover that requirement.  As I get more active and start going to the gym, that requirement is just going to get higher.  My estimated protein requirement for lightly active is somewhere around 170-200g.  Unfortunately, a pound of raw chicken breast checks in at only about 100g protein, and an egg is around 6.  I was able to get around 140g of protein with pork rinds, eggs, and chicken during the week.

The obvious solution is to add a protein powder to the diet.  I have whey protein that I purchased before I decided to embark on this $30 weekly adventure.  In the spirit of being frugal, I wanted to compare the price of protein in chicken breast versus that of the protein shake.

  • chicken breast: $2 per 100g, or about 50g/$1 
  • whey powder: $30 per 672g, or about 22g/$1

Well, the protein powder is twice as expensive as the chicken, tastes much worse, and it carries 3g carbs per serving.  When I do this again, I will have to add more chicken.  Unfortunately, this will add around $1 per day for 8oz of chicken breast, or about $3.50 per week.  In order to accommodate this, my next challenge will have to be $33/week.

There have been lessons learned and a ton of potential unearthed with this exercise.  I'm going to be more strict, and much better about blogging exactly what I eat the next time around.

Thanks for reading!


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