Sunday, August 24, 2014

$33 keto weekly challenge - shopping list

Like most everything in life, practice makes perfect.  This certainly applies when shopping on a strict budget, and my experience doing this before makes a world of difference.  The first time I went shopping for a $30 weekly keto challenge, I felt like I had everything under control and my shopping list was as good as it could possibly be.  Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the difference in the amount of food I've purchased for the same amount of money is incredible.  Last week, for example, most of my protein came from 7 pounds of chicken breast.  This week, I bought 20 pounds of chicken leg quarters.  Even after de-boning, that will come out to almost 50% more meat.

My shopping list this week is far more complete and includes additional spices to use other than salt and pepper.  The reason I have extra money this week is because the last time I went shopping, I bought a large container of mayo.  That mayo will last through this week, and allowed me to buy some spices that will last for at least a month.  I think it's important to spend extra money on things that will last a long time and bring some much needed variety to your diet.  I learned my lesson the last time around buying peach iced tea mix that, while delicious, didn't even last the entire week.

Below are the weekly shopping list and pictures of everything.  I have receipts too, if anyone is interested in those.


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