Friday, August 15, 2014

$30 weekly keto, day 5

Last night, I made some.. wait for it... chicken!  With only having 2 spices and a few herbs, it's tough to make things taste different.  I'm saving the last of my green onion for another soup this weekend, so I couldn't use that in today's dish.

I took a single chicken breast, cut it up into something close to bite-sized pieces, sauteed with 3 garlic cloves, basil, and parsley.  While that was starting, I mixed 4 eggs together with some salt & pepper.  Once the chicken was about done, I dumped the mixed eggs into the pan, and just let it sit there while it cooked.  Instead of the scrambled egg texture, I wanted more of a flat egg/flan.  Hey, when you don't have much to work with, even these subtle differences are noticed.

For lunch today, I decided to pair this with a couple eggs for the crucial snack periods, and some lettuce.  I'll probably use the lettuce as a wrap for some of the bites, and just as additional green crunch on others.

Dinner Update:

Well, for dinner I had basically the same thing.  I chopped up the lettuce and added a whole cucumber, which makes it a tasty "salad" according to my book.  I added some crushed pork rinds for "croutons" to finish it off.

Dinner Update 2:

I ended up eating a protein shake and a couple of sausages late at night.  I wasn't hungry, but I was starting to get very concerned about my lack of protein.  


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