Monday, August 11, 2014

Keto on about $4 a day, or $30 per week

I frequent the Reddit keto forums, and I've often read people complaining about the cost of keto.  Even in my personal life, I've heard people say that it's expensive to eat according to keto rules.  I've been too lazy, I mean busy, and haven't kept track of my food budget.  While I know it's excessive, I don't know how what I'm spending. I like to think not knowing something typically has a straightforward solution: to simply learn it.  OK, let's do that.

I've decided that I want to get a handle on what I'm spending as well as dispel the expensive label sometimes associated with keto.  According to this Gallup poll in 2012, the average American spends around $150 per week on food.  Less than 8%, according to the same poll, spend less than $50 per week to eat.  My plan is to spend about 1/5th of the national average, and join those 8% by eating a full week's worth of food for $30.  If I can successfully do that, I will be eating for an entire month spending less than the average person spends in a week.  The ultimate goal is to fully discredit the 'expensive' moniker from keto.  In the process of doing that, I'll accomplish the secondary goal which is to gain a much better awareness of my food expense.

The following posts will be my story of overcoming these self-imposed obstacles to learn and grow from.  Along the way, I hope we can share insights of getting more with less.


There's a tertiary reason for my $120 monthly total that I didn't include in the first version of this post.  According to this data provided by the USDA, the average monthly benefit for a Washington resident on SNAP is $126.  I want to see if it's possible to eat as a healthy adult on what the government provides, without any secondary food requirement.  (food banks, etc.)  


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