Wednesday, August 13, 2014

$30 weekly keto - day 3

Unfortunately, I will have an off-site with work today and lunch will be provided.  I will do my best to have a reasonable salad that is in-line with the calorie count I've been eating, but I suspect that will be difficult.

Last night I decided to sharpen my kitchen knives.  After getting them nice and sharp, while slicing cucumbers I momentarily mistook the end of my finger for a piece of cucumber.  Woopsy.  Mistakes happen, but I've got it under control now and should be able to continue taking pictures like normal.

The chicken I made last night is a totally new idea I've never tried before.  I rubbed an entire chicken breast with mayo on both sides and put it in a piece of foil.  Then, I covered with salt & pepper, and added a couple basil and mint leaves.  To finish, I added one sliced garlic clove with about half a sliced cucumber, and baked it in the oven.  My one pound chicken breast was done in about 40 minutes at 350 degrees.

The meal for tonight's dinner will be the remaining salad mix, with some extra lettuce and mayo, and a sliced hard boiled egg.  On top of the salad will be slices of the chicken I made last night.

Dinner Update

Well, the work thing yesterday ended up having a second act for happy hour.  I didn't pay for anything, but I also didn't eat according to my meal plan.  Consequently, I'm not going to count yesterday in my 7 day plan, and I'll extend my exercise through next Tuesday instead of Monday.  I'm still undecided if I will continue eating this way for a longer period.  


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