Thursday, August 14, 2014

$30 weekly keto - day 4

For lunch today, I'll be eating the meal I had originally slated for last night's dinner.  It's the remainder of the salad I made on day 1 combined with the chicken I made on day 2.  I'm also eating two hard boiled eggs that I will treat as a morning and afternoon snack.  If you've noticed that today's lunch portion looks to include more chicken than in days past, you'd be right.  I'm doing that because my protein numbers are less than I'd like, and I need to increase them.  I'll include an update after this on my nutrient numbers and weight loss so far.

I realize that the cold chicken that was cooked with a mayo coating looks less than appetizing, but rest assured it tastes quite good.  Promise.  :)

Dinner Update

I ate a few servings of pork rinds, and snacked on a piece of chicken.  After drinking two glasses of peach iced tea, I just wasn't hungry.  


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